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готичшно тру и очинь стильнаДневники

полношный бред


Yesterday I as that шол on a wood
The fool канешь пошол I to бесу:
Has stumbled, кубарем has falled,
And клюнул I about лоб an oval.
That the stone was, гатична твердер.
And invariable is homogeneous...

Очнулся, and around colours -
Not on пОхранах whether we?!
Certainly there is no, веть I неумер!
I am simple an oak, and моск mine has died..

You who? Where I? It dreams me?
Approaches готна вампирица....
Gait a sack, and попка too,
Зачемто has visited on роже...
Наврно пялился I hardly,
Гатишна, тру, and very stylishly!

Ивот I stand on a cemetery such
Here Gotha, here colours, rest...
Готично I suddenly has thought,
To smoke нехоца, I am not drunk.
Почом of a bottle? - there was one problem(!on)!
I here махом приподнес
It бомжовскому коту.
It(he) was нажрат повидиму,
As it(he) has answered not at once,
Only замахнувшись, and... Зараза!
To me брякнул on башке надгробьем:
... Boots йок... I shall go for кофем.

So bottles is not present... There is no coffee
Наврно in this world it is bad...
Веть кофя is not present, and me of aloha,
Any shout "кирхгоффе",
Would catch would give in dug.
And for нехрен to me on a soap,
To send nonsense and спам отменный.
And ваще about чом I, poor...

Веть mind(wit) отшибло. Fast very much
I try to recollect, how many at night
On пьяни I had a drink: хрен знаеть...
Веть пьянки небыло! And зря веть!

Окей all here is clear, типтоп
I signify not пяьн was... And COULD!
But as tell I has hitted...
In such пипец? But has understood ITSELF!

I went for a walk at the night вродь on a wood
Has come slightly, and некместу,
Has stumbled about трешовый a stone...
But буть I сним посолидарень...

Неачутился in paradise
Where готки catch(!during) Йу-ху-ху!
But here веть трабл, me неверят
That тру I, ТРУ! Let though will try!!!
Гатишна тру already floor блестид,
Likely of marble, акустид!

So here I stand on a cemetery кароче,
Замёрзнуть it is possible, - for me.. НЕОЧЕНЬ!
Веть night, Gotha and malicious панки,
Were going to shoot on banks.
With воздушек, эйрсофт, эдганов,
Well вощем знатно what to tell.
Not путстит мамо мну to go for a walk.

Well вобщем I хз канешна,
But to sleep to me here by sack not a place!
I was lifted whether has washed,
Passes готная чувиха.
All in пирсинге, is to smoke(light) мну asks.
Refuse(refus.) not so.... Has thrown....
To it(her) предлогаю прогулятса,
She(it) refuses, клякса!
Well чож поделать here, фигова.
Though certainly беспантова,
On a cemetery without готс шататся
BUT who learns(finds out)?... НИИ Пацца!

Вампиршу I search: so it is necessary!
She(it) понрава to me from a half-sight.
Клыки зубасты, чо пачом,
Краснющщи a hair, and чо?
Катично, you tell to me?
Ещебы! Дык itself in ломы?
To find such средь of crowd,
That is hollowed down to Moscow!

So here she(it)! Be weakened ксюха...
- mine запасня котюха!
Shoots метко! - is direct in глас!
... Какойто bald, ...покемон...
Wishes to all сЪ...уйти нам there!

So войнушка becomes ripe...
Вампирша грозно so взвывает.
Throws a uncle ап a brick...
Кирдык, хрум-хрум, бац-бац and хыч!
Breaks to pepper all joints,
... And there was such солдатик бравый!
But фигле, to Gotha flattery not a joke
By all скопом вломят... Here замутка!

Or else all супер щас,
I lay in hospital, супчик, квас....
Медсестры white in dressing gownes,
Ненадо in school! Here лофа that!

The brains to me have beaten out... -.... Not densely....
-дык веть at you there батьенька all is empty!
Пойду наврно in first of класc
For труево there.... -атас!

I like it 
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