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This is not an easy thing to speak about myself,because it's very hard to have a look at yourself from aside,nobody can to describe himself completely,because it's really impossible to see all the sides of character which we have.
But here are some nuances,nobody knows your inner soul better than you know.
And maybe it will be more truthfully,compared with the people's image of myself.
Nobody knows,that's a point. And so I'm starting,here we go.

I'm a guy of nineteen,of that age,in which not all the people have grown up completely,with their boy's dreams and stereotypes,they're living in the two worlds at once. They are on the way,in which they should take care about theirs future life,they should seriously think about the actions,which they want to do,because every action reflects on theirs destiny and destinies of the other people,which surrounds him,not so,as it was before. And not all the time a man could care about such things entirely,and that's a problem.
And I hope,the time in which I'll take care about all the things responsibly will come soon. But I'm not about that,I guess,almost every men of my age suffers from this problems of becoming a grown-up and an individuality.

If I look at myself in the mirror,I'll not ruin my eyes and I'll not be scared,hope,that all the people don't be scared also. As to my appearance I'm rather slim,then fat,a guy of an average height,not tall and not short.
I think that I'm even tempered, rather reserved, calm and modest. And as a man,sometimes,I can lose my temper and become very angry. In the period of studying in the school,it wasn't so. I could lose my temper anytime,anywhere and without any serious reason. That's also a point,I'm hope,that I've grown up just a little from this time. I like staying alone,retreat into my shell,and also I like to have fun with friends,it depends on my mood. I like to laugh and joke,but not all the time I could smile,because of my nature,which is attracting to a melancholy and a muse sometimes. I believe in the sign of the zodiac,my sign is the Pisces,and my nature is almost equal with the description of my sign of the zodiac. And I've got a sense of humor,I guess,I can understand and appreciate it,in the our century,and centuries ago,it anytime it was and is a good point of a people's character.

As a people,there are many things in life of anybody,which they are like or dislike. I like when everything is going well,and. I guess,it's also OK for anybody. If all is going good,why not? I don't like to stay in a depression,this is not for me,and anytime I'm trying to avoid from any stress,which could lead me to the depression. And I think,that this is also normal for anyone. Being happy is one way of being wise,and anyone seeks to that.

So,few words about my interests,inclinations and hobbies. I'm fond of reading as it gives not only knowledge,with a book, you can live in your own little world for some period of time,with your thoughts and dreams alone.
This is my habit from the period of childhood. The time spent on a good book is never wasted,I guess so.
Is it OK? For me that's good,for others people I really don't know,the time has shown that not all the people are fond of reading the books,they're believe in only theirs experience and theirs thoughts. Maybe it's good,maybe not,anyone choose his way,and I don't want to do it by theirs way,I'm doing that so,as I think right,though not the all is going so,as I want.
I like to study because knowledge is useful anytime,but also not all the time I'm cope with that,because of
laziness,which is floating out very often,hope,I'll also cope with that.
Sometimes I play different sport games for health and pleasure. I usually play such games as volleyball, tennis,basketball,and sometimes football and a lot of other sport games. I fond of martial arts. From the childhood I've been practicing my karate's skills for five years. After that I've been engaged in boxing, wrestling,about the one year for one them. And after school I've been engaged in jiu-jitsu and thai-boxing for some,not a long and not a short,time.

And now is the time of writing few words about my childhood,how I've been living this time.
I was born on the 4th of March 1991 in the small town of Belovo,but there was only the maternity hospital,
where I've born. Through out of the time of my appearing on this world,I've lived in the township of Krasnobrodskiy,where I've been living with my parents and my older brother until the graduation.
My early ears I remember badly,but I guess,that they were not typical for a child,who lives in a township.
All the memoirs are full of paints and brightness,they're full of actions and fun. And I know,it was the best time in my life. I don't remember when I was sent to a kindergarten,I didn't stay there until the end,I was sad of that,because I didn't like to rise with the sun. Every morning I've cried and claimed to my parents that I hate this stupid kindergarten,because anytime I want to sleep and I don't like when the stubborn nurses and carers are taking care of me. But I liked to beat with the boys,who are also have been staying this time in the kindergarten. It was really funny,the carers were clutching their heads,when they have seen free-for-all of a lot of young boys clinging to each other's hair.

The time of speaking about my studying in the school has come,as it come suddenly in the age of seven.
It was my lucky chance to study for 10 years at the simple,but the best among the only 3 schools,which our township have had. There I got a proper training in such studying subjects as English,literature,Russian,world culture,math and physical culture. I usually didn't the home preparations,but I liked when I was studying these subjects. School for me was not only lessons and learning,it also was a little common world for all of the my schoolmates and me.

I am sociable,so I have got a lot of friends among my schoolmates and others people. As for me, I appreciate people's honesty, kindness, sense of justice and lively intelligence. There were a lot of events,I actively participated in most of them. Also I participated in a lot of educational contests,and have won the prizes in many of them.

So very soon I'll pass my final exams at school,which I have passed not bad,and after a farewell party at the end of June,on which all of us have had a lot of fun,I'll say goodbye to my teachers who almost all,I hope,are well-educated people with good knowledge of the subjects.
School meant a lot to me,it gave to me invaluable experience,and it wasn't just learning and studying,because I made good friends there and met many interesting people,and we had a lot of fun together. So I faced a new life without school with a mixed feeling of sadness and joy,but anyone,I guess,faced a new life like me.

I asked myself a lot of times what I wanted to be when I left school,it was a hard time,when I sat and thought  
about my future life. In the childhood,I've wanted to be a writer.  As years passed I changed my mind several times. I've wanted to be a businessman,which earns a lot of money for his family. And later I've wanted to be  
an interpreter. But it was only in my last year at school,as it says,better late than never,that I finally made up my mind what profession I would most like to have in the future,so I realized that my strongest desire was to specialize in military affairs and  foreign languages. And I was thought,that they'll be strongest points which I could choose for myself. And I hope my dream will come true.

And finally,not without this,the things I hope to achieve,I guess that anybody wants to achieve something in his life,in my life are: to graduate successfully the university, to have a very successful career, to find a job on which I'll be interested in,to build the house of my dreams and to find someone in my life to share all that with.
I like it 
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