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Way of Life

One more "psychodelica"

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This is a story about a little boy, a boy who wished for nothing,but wishes a chance to take a breath of fresh air,he wants to taste some of the season,as full as nobody ever can.Cooped up and just sitting in your room, it's not plain,and it's not possible for anybody of us.And that was his wish,he wanted to be an individual person,a one in the world,who could do something unusual and unbelievable.Don't make him watch the rain again.He want to dance among the raindrops.Dance all the day, dance far away.The morning light, the daily shine.He want to let this heart of him.Grow to love a soul so fine.But he can only bide his time.And he was sitting at a broken window,looking at a broken frame.A reflection, but it's all the same.Tears reflect into the rain.He don't know why he  is here today, but in the end, he'll make his way out these doors, away from here. I hope I make it perfectly clear.But it is not so,this story is sad and happy for you.But he will get out, he'll live that life,he'll live a life, put down that knife. And so I'm getting out, that's all there is to talk about, stop talking now.And on that day I make it through I'll count a blessing.Tell you again, you helped me cope. Thank you for your ray of some understanding.And thus I'll live my story out. There's nothing more to talk about. I'm free, I'm free, in all my glory. I'll live my life,complete my story.
That was a sad boy,and he was was getting out from the thick fog of life,which surrounds us anywhere,and he was finding his path to his life.Don't be thinking that I'm mad,that was metaphorical text,and possibly some of anybody could fine in the words something meaning,oh no,here is nothing.That was only paint on canvas.
I like it 
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