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The basic rules
  • Voting in the TOP100 lasts exactly a month starts on the 1st of the month at 00:00 UTC (GMT) and ends on the last day of the month at 23:59 UTC, next month the votes are reset and need to vote again.
  • TOP100 is performed separately for girls and for boys separately.
  • For each region and town is a separate TOP100. You appear TOP100 for your region or city, based on the settings of your account, but you can watch the participants and to vote and from other regions and cities.
  • To participate in TOP100, you need to click on "Participate in the top 100".
  • In your photo album there should be at least 1 photo.
  • Your profile should not contains obscene language and phone numbers. The profiles with the ban on "Profile's content" and/or ban on "photo album" in TOP100 not allowed.
  • You don't need every month to add to TOP100, part of the infinite, until you press the button "refuse to participate in the top 100".
  • If you accidentally or intentionally removed from the TOP100, you can at any time be reinstated with preservation of all accrued in the current month points. However, the scores for the next month are not transferred.
  • Participating in the top 100 you automatically consent to the administration of the site to use your public photos in the advertising of the website. Ads may be placed both on our website and on other websites.
  • In the event of a situation not described in these rules, the site administration reserves the right to act at its discretion. The administration of the site reserves the right at any time to change these rules without prior notice to all participants, but usually all the changes in the rules will be posted in the news section.

How to vote?
  • With their profiles. 1 time per month for 1 participant.
  • Additional votes (more than 1 time per month for 1 participant). They can be purchased in the "My wallet / Additional votes packets"
  • Through social networks (, 1 time per month for 1 participant.
  • The TOP100 participants can vote both for others and for themselves.
  • If the user is removed from the site, all of his votes may be abolished, and points of participants for whom he voted, counted.

Violations of the rules and consequences.
  • If in the photo album no photo.
  • On the main photo depicts alcohol, cigarettes and/or guns.
  • In your profile appeared obscene language, or phone number.
  • If the profile received a ban on "profile's content" and/or ban on "photo album".
 Temporary removal of the TOP100, to eliminate the violations.
  • The suspicion on someone else's photo.
 If the photo is questionable, the administration reserves the right to verify their authenticity by asking the TOP100 party to provide evidence that this is his real photo.

If the photo is really off, then the participant is obliged TOP100 in the shortest possible time to upload your real photo, otherwise it will be removed from TOP100 and ban your account for "other photos".
  • If the user long did not go to my profile (longer than 3 months).
 The site administration reserves the right (at its discretion) to remove any member from TOP100.
  • For registering multiple profiles same person to vote for himself (bots).
  • For obtaining votes by deception and mislead the users of the site, i.e. if the user will not know what vote will be or to think, making any other action.
  • For trying to gain the votes of users without their knowledge, using hacking tools.
 Remove from TOP100. And at the discretion of the site may be issued a ban for all your profiles and ip-address.

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