Banner exchange network Nirvana.FM
For advertisers
How much is it?
  • You pay only when someone clicks on the banner, regardless of the number of hits.
  • Price 1 click - 1 coin.
  • Price 1 click - 0.1 coins, if the advertised page is Nirvana, i.e. the link begins with ""

Can I try for free?
  • Fill in the banner, next to it a button "[ Free test ]".

Where will the banners appear?
  • Click "[ List of advertising places ]".

You are not charged for repeated clicks
  • If the same user clicks on your banner 2 times or more within 7 days, the coins will be debited only for the first click, but not for all.
  • When you click on your banners, then you have not removed the coins. We think it makes sense, why you will pay for your clicks on their banners?

You can place 3 banners
  • Text ad, graphic banner and flash banner.

The display settings
  • Targeting by geography, gender and age.
  • You can set the start date and end date to display the banner.
  • A daily budget. You can limit the number of coins that can be spent on clicks. The higher your daily budget, the more often the banner is displayed. If set to 0, the banner will show as many times as possible.

What can you advertise?
  • Your ads on eBay.
  • Your groups in nirvana or other social networks.
  • Your websites, stores, companies.
  • As well as everything else, provided that it doesn't violate the site rules and the laws of the country/region/city in which you will advertise.

Not to advertise?
  • Read The list of what not to do on the website
  • Read Flea market / Prohibited ad categories
  • And:
  • The sites with a paid mobile subscription, which then withdraw the money from the phone number.
  • Gambling, lotteries and sports betting.
  • Sites directly or indirectly owned by the government or funded by the government (of any country).
  • The sites of religious organizations.
  • The site administration reserves the right to reject any advertising based on their subjective opinions.

Requirements for the banner
  • The banner should not significantly affect the system speed. The banner should not consume more than 5% cpu and 5% memory.
  • Forbidden blinking (more than 1 time per second), sudden change of contrasting colors and sounds Such banners will not bring you any good and will only annoy users.
  • The link should lead to the advertised website and match the theme of the banner. The link must not redirect the user to another site.

  • If you use AdBlock or any other, to work correctly with the banners you need to disable it, otherwise your banner may not be reproduced.